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Yankees: Oakland A’s are not easy to beat

After winning three of four games vs. the Mariners in Seattle over the weekend, the New York Yankees get a well deserved day off before starting a three game set down in Oakland against the Athletics. The A’s are in a Moneyball year, meaning that it is a season when this team is good. Actually, the A’s […]

Yankee Fans Ain't Going Out Like That: Yes, The Yanks Can Scare Their Fans

The Yanks are being described as unstoppable right now. Unstoppable is defined in the dictionary as incapable of being stopped or surpassed; unbeatable. That is the most unsettling term for a fan when the season has not finished or won the championship. I learned this from the fortunate perspective of being a huge New York […]

The Yankees: Not The Headlines At The Trade Deadline, Finally!

Should Cashman Have Gotten Halloday? Is it true that Cliff Lee or Jarod Washburn are not in pinstripes? Guess time will tell if Cashman will still have a job next year….but it was time for the Yankees to try something different and in the perfect position to take a back seat. The Yankees were the […]