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MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Re-Sign One Player

No it’s not Jeter, Rivera or Pettitte and as far as I know Cliff Lee has never been a Yankee so who could it be? As I type with complete and utter nausea, the player is Sergio Mitre. No, this is not a joke, as the Yankees have signed Mitre for another year at $900,000 […]

Randy For Grandy: Curtis Granderson Earning His Yankee Pinstripes

New York Yankee fans have been waiting patiently for Curtis Granderson to figure himself out and it was well worth the wait. Presently, the hardest stretch of the regular season is well underway for teams in contention, making the Yankees timing for heading into crisis-mode a serious concern. The worrying began after the Bombers lost […]

Top Two Yankees Mistakes Matsui And Now Jackson

First off, I would like to make it clear that I love Curtis Granderson and am overjoyed he is a New York Yankee. I just wish Austin Jackson was not the price paid for anyone. Understand I have been waiting to see this kid since the 2007 draft. All the talk about Jackson made him […]

Yankees Lose To White Sox And A Whole Lotta Drama

The Yankees wanted to create the month of May with a Vazquez win, a Tex homer and pain free after the Posada scare in Baltimore. Well, none of the above came about yesterday, as the Yankees lost to the White Sox 7-6. It was a straightforward soap opera that lasted way to long, but this […]

New York Yankees Least Concern Is Javier Vazquez At Least For Today

What is the biggest problem the New York Yankees are have right now? Do not dare answer Javier Vazquez because that would be wrong. It is the 2-3-4 of the batting order of Johnson, Tex and Arod. I like Mark Teixeira and Arod which is why it is so frustrating to see them struggle. Johnson […]

Javier Vazquez: Top 3 New Targets For Yankee Hater-Fans

At Yankee Stadium, tolerance for the Hater-Fans is low. They are crass, loud, annoying, distracting individuals who’s loyalties are always in question. Hater-Fan’s are at every and any sporting event. It is part of the experience, and you learn to ignore them; that is until it is effecting the players. For Javier Vazquez, landing back […]