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New York Jets: Rex Ryan’s Hard-Knocks Continues To Shock

Image via Wikipedia What is Rex Ryan’s exact position with the New York Jets? Head coach might not be appropriate any longer, as Ryan takes on the role of owner, agent, and GM. It is no secret that Darrelle Revis is one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. Fact is that any team’s defense […]


Imagine, having Derek Jeter in your house everyday? Or a New York Yankees Team photo winning 2009 World Series? For Lady Loves Pinstripes readers, FATHEAD makes that dream come true with real-life wall decals that look so real people will have to double-take to make sure. FATHEAD is offering Lady Loves Pinstripes readers two special […]

Who Dat? The Saints Dat Who Beat The Colts

Congratulations to the city of New Orleans, and their Saints on winning the Superbowl! You are the Champions!! The Saints can stomp on home and start celebrating. Not only did the franchise want their first championship, but the city needed something to celebrate after Hurricane Katrina wrecked it. Whatever Katrina took, The Saints gave it […]

NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again

Last week, one out of the four NFL playoff games is all I predicted correctly. To be perfectly honest, picking the Vikings over the Cowboys was a sensitivity issue because I am a Giants fan. It gave me that subtle reminder of why sports’ popularity never fades. Quick recap of last week: The Ravens handed […]

Jets Pull Through, Feels Like Deja Vu

Rex Ryan‘s contagious spirit is spreading across NYC, as J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are just one win away from the Superbowl. To even dream that the Jets would be playing the Colts in the AFC Championship was beyond unthinkable and just three weeks ago. Well, the Jets should already be very proud, because this was […]

NFL: The Terrific Trend Transcends

The offense line is made up of the popular kid (the quarterback) and his two best buddies (the wide-recievers and running back). The highlights of a game almost always make-up of a long pass caught by the WR or a break-away run from the RB. Did you ever thing how that WR got freed up […]