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That’s exactly what the baseball world got today, with the declaration of the American League MVP today. The MVP justifiably went to Minnesota Twins Catcher, Joe Mauer. Mauer had superman-like stats this season, in addition to leading his team, in grabbing a late post-season spot. The Twins played in one of the most dramatic battles […]

The Yankees Want To Thank Their Haters Too

When the honorable opportunity to wear Yankee pinstripes as a player, it is more than just a career uniform. It is part of sports history that associates with distinction due to outstanding accomplishments. On top of that, to represent New York City; a platform that comes with strong expectations. Everyone wants to make it and […]


#27 is what was achieved, never giving-up, along with Alex at ease. AJ had pies, CC threw strikes, Mark T. at first base, opposing teams had no dice. For most it was a first, but 4 a core it was a 5, with Jeter at the helm, who lead with class and such pride. Who […]


Jeter, Teixeira And More Hardware For the Duo

AMERICAN LEAGUE: C: Joe Mauer, Twins 1B: Mark Teixeira, Yankees 2B: Aaron Hill, Blue Jays 3B: Evan Longoria, Rays SS: Derek Jeter, Yankees OF: Jason Bay, Red Sox OF: Torii Hunter, Angels OF: Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners DH: Adam Lind, Blue Jays NATIONAL LEAGUE: C: Brian McCann, Braves 1B: Albert Pujols, Cardinals 2B: Chase Utley, Phillies […]

And The Award Goes To…..

Gold Glove awards completed today, as MLB Award Season has officially started. Spreading out nicely for the month after the World Series keeps talks and debates flowing. It also lightens the initial blow for baseball fans everywhere; whom are all adjusting to nights free of baseball. Then before you know it, 2010 is upon us […]