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Yankees Derek Jeter for President

Which current player would you elect for president?  That is right, New York Yankees shortstop, aka the Captain, got the most votes in MLB Network’s Facebook Presidential Poll as he won by a landslide. The Captain took 60% of the fan votes with Jim Thome coming in a distant second with Brandon Phillips, Torii Hunter […]

New York Yankees vs. New York Stankees

With all the hostility surrounding the 2012 New York Yankeeslately, I figured why not re-focus on some positives and embrace New York’s new role of being the Stankees. After losing 6-0 to the Royals last night, the Stankees officially moved to the cellar of the AL East but that is not exactly where they need to […]

Yankees vs Rangers: Whose hitters are hotter?

Even though the 2012 MLB season is still so young, the media has labeled the Rangers as the best team in baseball. This is not surprising, as the sports media has a certain love for the Rangers and always gives them the benefit of the doubt. Currently, the Yankees, also dubbed the evil empire, are […]

New York Yankees: 3 reasons to tune into Spring Training

 For the most part, Spring Training stats and standings (wins and loses) can be ignored. But that doesn’t mean fans should completely ignore watching any Spring Training games because there are some worthwhile and interesting situations to keep an eye on. Here are three reasons that I keep the channel on the YES or MLB […]

MLB: To Be Or Not To Be MVP Is Up To Ryan Braun

Tonight, Milwaukee Brewers star Ryan Braun will be presented with the 2011 NL MVP Award at the Baseball Writers’ Association of America dinner in New York City and everyone is wondering what he will do. That is because back in October, Braun failed a routine performance-enhancing drug test. The levels of testosterone found were said […]

New York Yankees: 8 Headlines You Don’t Want To See In 2012

Whether you read it in the local newspaper; watch it on ESPN’s Sportscenter or MLB Network’s Quick Pitch; or hear it on Mad Dog Radio, there are certain words like setback, injury, slump, suspension that a fan immediately knows means trouble. Not one of the 30 MLB teams is devoid of issues over the course of the 162-game regular […]