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Can Joba Rule Without Having Any?

Days before the Superbowl, always a slow time for the baseball world, as players enjoy their last days before Spring Training. With an opening in the fifth starter role, debates about this decision are in full swing. Surprisingly, one Yankee will arrive in Tampa in just a week. His goal is to bind all the […]

The Joba Rules.

What to do with Joba? Hopefully it will not cause a great deal of a divide between the team and between fans. Look, this is a serious debate and could be the reason the Yankees or the path of the rest of this season, so yes it’s ok to see both sides of the plate […]

Miracles Do Happen….

Thank you to the Boston Red Sox……..for making my post so enjoyable to type and for saving me so much time!!! ‘Five Players That Make Me Cringe..Summed Into Just One!’ (other post title option) After my last off the topic remarks, specifically referring to the ‘one’ in the previous post before this one, I thought […]

Can I Say 9 and Still Going…..

  Went to the game tonight……and the team looks unstoppable!!   Joba got hit by a ball and left the game in the first inning so lets hope this is not a DL situation. With Wang coming up momentarily and Hughes looking good it is not terrible if he needs to fix something.   Here is the option […]