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New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Messiah Going To The Bay

The 2010 World Series Champs, the San Francisco Giants proved what I knew to be already true, that last season was based more on luck. The defending WS Giants didn’t even make the playoffs, or put up much of a challenge. If blaming it on injuries is a workable excuse in San Francisco, than so […]

New York Yankees Projected Starting Lineup

It’s too early in Spring Training to presume anything yet, but the New York Yankee bats still remain strong and easily one of the most lethal line-ups in baseball. The batting order doesn’t have any holes to fill, but once the regular season gets underway, some tweaking here or there is possible. My guess is […]

Do You Want To Hate Baseball? Watch The Orioles

Get ready to be a part of history after you read this post. It is the shortest post written on Lady Loves Pinstripes EVER; but it is definitely far from the sweetest. Don’t thank me now, just read please. Watching the Yankees play the Orioles is just painful. Excuse me, watching any team play the […]