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Yankees Win In Perfect Thames

God bless you Arod, but the hero in tonight’s Yankees win was Marcus Thames. In the bottom of the ninth, the Yankees seemed doomed to lose after being up 5-0 after the 1st inning. After Brett Gardner, who once again hit a single under pressure, was on base when Arod came up to the plate. […]

New York Yankees Finish April On Top

Someone recently asked me an excellent question, “Looking over the first four weeks of 2010, which Yankees players come to mind, as being the real difference makers?” The usual New York Yankees April endings are filled with sighs of relief from both the team and fans. The Yankees are not known to be early birds […]

Who Knew That Losing Could Make History

Third to second to first….one…two…three outs ended the sixth inning today in Oakland, as Arod, Cano and Tex made a historical triple out. The last triple play happened in 1968 for the Bombers, and to be apart of such a play is something special. CC Sabathia had a rough outing today in front of his […]

Grading The Champs

As baseball season begins, all eyes are on the Yankees attempting to answer the ageless question. Are the defending champs strong enough to repeat? Let’s take a look: Line-up: The Yankees lead the league in both home-runs, with 244 and runs scored with 900 in 2009. Even with Matsui and Damon’s bats gone, the Yanks bats are still the […]