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New York Yankees: The Real Situation

The New York Yankees have a situation. And it is pretty simple to know what the situation is regarding: the AL East. The Yankees goal is to win the division, but the Tampa Bay Rays are standing in the way. The Rays have kept pace with New York and vice versa, as both teams are […]

New York Yankees: Phil Hughes To Finish-Off Blue Jays To Win The Series

After losing the first game, the New York Yankees demolished the Blue Jays at home in Toronto on Tuesday night. Marcus Thames, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira all homered in the affair. Wednesday night’s game determines the series; both teams want to win but are on very different paths. The Blue […]

New York Yankee’s Latest Hero: Marcus Thames

New York Yankees Marcus Thames has been the talk of the town lately—and for good reason. Thames has come up big for the Yankees as he led the team in victory over the Texas Rangers Cliff Lee, this past Wednesday night. The switch-hitter went 3-5 with two hits, a homer, and two RBI. Thames had […]

New York Yankees Get 2009 Swagger Back by Beating Cliff Lee and Rangers

GAME NOTES: The odds were stacked up against the New York Yankees before Texas Rangers Cliff Lee even threw his first pitch. By the top of the sixth inning, Lee was schooling the Yankees again, with a 6-1 lead, posting 11 strikeouts, no walks, and a stacked bullpen just waiting. Yankees Javier Vazquez pitched just […]

Yankees Did Not Lose They Got Beat

I was not a devoted fan tonight. I left the New York Yankees game in the seventh inning, as the Tampa Bay Rays were up 6-2 and Boone Logan was jogging to the mound. The Yankees looked tired. This does sound like an excuse, which it completely is but it is still a fact. The […]

Hero To Zero At Yankee Stadium

Monday night, Marcus Thames went to bed a hero. Wednesday morning, Marcus Thames will wake up a zero. Thames had a catastrophic error in the 9th inning, which would have ended the inning with the score tied at 5-5, instead of 7-5 Red Sox. It was a textbook catch, which cost the Yankees game. Before […]