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New York Yankees: Odds Not Good Of Jeter Reaching 3000 Hits In The Bronx

How Have Things Been Going At Yankee Stadium? Since returning home, the New York Yankees have not had much luck. After being swept by the Boston Red Sox, reliever Joba Chamberlain found out that he needed Tommy John surgery. The next day, starting pitcher Bartolo Colon was added to the Yankees ever-growing disabled list initially […]

Mr. 3000: Jeter Could Be 1st Bomber To Hit the Mark

The New York Yankees are one of the most decorated and historic franchises in sports. Names like Mickey Mantel, Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra and the Babe are just a handful of the historic names to don pinstripes. “Winning Championships” is the Yankees motto. Baseball is a team sport, which makes individual accomplishments merely […]

A Special Tribute To Honor ‘The Boss’ New York Yankees Owner George Steinnbrenner

  THIS TV PAYS TRIBUTE TO “THE BOSS” OF BASEBALL GEORGE STEINBRENNER Baseball Movie “The Pride of the Yankees” & TV Series “Home Run Derby” Airing Saturday, July 24 – 7:00 pm ET Los Angeles, CA—July 20, 2010—THIS TV, the free broadcast movie network from MGM Studios and Weigel Broadcasting, will honor “The Boss” of […]

WHAT A DECADE: Part Three – Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Who can watch Rocky Four and not get goose bumps when Rocky beats Ivan Drago? In Miracle when the USA Team of amateurs fights with heart, against every kind of odd; which makes you want to be that passionate, right? The answers….NO-ONE and YES. As a sports fan, moments that truly make a person feel […]

Air Jordan’s Jeter Captain: Two Legends Both Honored

Happening almost simultaneously last Friday night, the sports world witnessed two tremendous athletes accomplish milestones. Michael Jordan got the highest recognition which no player in the NBA ever deserved more by being inducted into basketball’s Hall of Fame. The critics came out almost immediately by hacking away at Jordan’s speech and claiming Jeter’s record still […]

Derek Jeter Hits Into History

DiMaggio, Ruth, Gehrig, Berra, Mantle are just a few on the register of legends that outfitted Yankee pinstripes. I never got to see any of these guys play. My dad recalls of a time at Yankee Stadium, when he had the honor of cheering on some of the legends above. The best similarity to this […]