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New York Yankees: Sorry Joe Torre You Deserved To Lose

Once again, the New York Yankees utilized inter-league play by crushing the NL teams, winning 10 of 15 games. The stressful, yet successful trip out west was exhausting. The Yankees played with so much heart making sure to win both series against the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers. Sunday night’s game against Joe Torre and his […]

Do You Remember 2007 When Joe Torre Was Our Hero

It felt like a heat wave in New York City on that October 8th night, back in 2007. Fans were funneling into Yankee Stadium extra early for Game 4 of the ALDS. The prior evening, I had watched my Yankees pull out a win to avoid getting swept. Which, was all thanks to a home […]

National League: Team Rankings Everybody Ought To Know

With baseball season in full swing, teams are starting to define their reputations. As the season progresses, teams will start to trip themselves up or find their footing again. Some teams will get that hail mary to get back up, and some might collapse like the Mets in 2007. Speaking of the Mets, lets rank* […]

The Depressed West VS. The Eager East

Game three of the NLCS wrapped up tonight, with Philadelphia Phillies beating the L.A. Dodgers and taking the 2-1 lead in games. Watching what resembled more of a batting practice, the Phillies scored 11 runs. Phillies Cliff Lee and his divine arm struck out 10 of Torre’s Dodgers. Lee’s performance was outstanding, tying a NLCS […]

A Fan’s Guide To The Eight Playoff Teams – Part 2

Now onto the National League teams. The NL has four teams that will be playing to go to the World Series to face the winning AL team. Here are the National League teams from a Yankee fan’s point of view. Once again listed in no particular order. PART 2 – THE NATIONAL LEAGUE 1.Philadelphia Phillies […]

Twenty-Two Teams’ Endings, Are Eight Teams Just Beginnings

Twenty-Two Teams’ Endings, Are Eight Teams Beginning Two games away from the ending of the regular baseball season; eight teams are about to battle it out on the road to the World Series. The remaining 22 teams start playing the blame game, which many have already been playing. Heads will roll with the visions of […]