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Watching LeBron James in Cleveland and My Plea for Derek Jeter in New York

I couldn’t do it, nor do I ever want to have to do it. Watching LeBron James come back to face his old Cleveland Cavilers in a Miami Heat uniform was all I needed to see. I don’t want Derek Jeter in any other uniform but a New York Yankees’ one. These last few weeks […]

Headline To Headache: The Most Annoying Sports Story Of 2010

The life of sports fan can be mind-boggling at times. Days are filled with fantasy teams, power rankings and ESPN as your emotions hang on a team or an individual athlete’s performance. It fuels a passion beyond any restraint, which explains why we fans can’t get enough, most of the time. As a New Year […]

Lady Loves Pinstripes Presents: Cliff Lee “The Trade”

ESPN was almost unwatchable because plugging “The Decision” starring Lebron James was on 24/7. Lebron is no Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter or Kobe Bryant professionally. He may never be considering he nicknamed himself ‘King James’ in high school. Lebron, the brand was something the NBA desperately needed after there were no Jordans’, Birds’, Clydes’ or […]

For Sale: Derek Sanderson Jeter

In Major League Baseball, the MVP award goes out at the end of the regulated season. It goes to the athlete who has stood out as being the most valuable, above all the rest. To an individual player, it is a huge accomplishment and honor considered being the elite in your field. Within baseball, two […]

Star Light, Star Bright, Here Is My Wish For The Yankees Tonight

Can you believe the mid-point of the baseball season almost upon us made known by the upcoming All-Star break serving as the intermediate point? Well believe it because it’s here…. It is only fair that I can conclude the past of my Yankees first 82 games with the passion of a true fan but being […]