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New York Yankees: Now Go Get Your Money’s Werth

Free agency. It is what consumes GMs, owners, players and fans during baseball’s offseason. This free agent market looks to rival that of 2008-09, when the New York Yankees went on a shopping spree scooping up CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira, AJ Burnett and Nick Swisher. Names like Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, Jim Thorne, […]

Yankees Do Enough To Win

The Yankees knew what they had to do coming into the new Target Field. Following a disastrous two weeks of unlucky injuries and evident struggles, some wins were needed. Hopefully, the team’s confidence is up after taking the first two games against the Minnesota Twins. The Yankees are not the most graceful group right now, […]

Remember You Are The Champs

Never thought the day would happen when a Boston Red Sox win would feel happy. Well it did tonight, as the Red Sox beat the Rays 6-1, in Tampa Bay. As a Yankees fan, it was reassuring considering the 180 degree turn the group has taken for the worse. Just ten days ago, the Red […]