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A Story That Makes You Hate The New York Yankees A Little Less

On Friday night the New York Yankees hosted rivals Boston Red Sox down in Tampa, FL at Steinbrenner Field. The game’s results are meaningless, but the Red Sox won the game 5-3. Even as everyone continued to drool over the second stand out performance by Yankee pitching prospect Manny Banuelos, there was a story told […]

2011 New York Yankees: Why Gardner And Granderson Need To Come In Hot

In 2010, the Yankees were adamantly clear that it was repeat or bust. The reigning 2009 champion New York Yankees lost in the ALCS, eventually passing the World Series crown to the San Francisco Giants. Most teams would be elated if that was how their last two seasons had panned out, but up in the […]

Can Joe Girardi Repeat In 2010?

Last season’s switching of Damon and Jeter in the line-up, gave the Yankees a one-two impact that was hands-down, the best in the league. Probably, the principal managerial choice of Joe Girardi made to date. It worked instantaneously, and made everyone wonder why Jeter had ever been in the second spot. Jeter’s consistency of getting on […]