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Yankees: Bud Selig did not win because Alex Rodriguez got suspended

Yesterday, New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez got suspended 162 games, which means he is out for the entire 2014 season. Originally, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig had given A-Rod a 211 game for his involvement with the infamous Biogenesis clinic down in Miami, FL. If you were unaware, MLB’s key witness and Biogenesis owner Tony Bosch […]

Dallas Braden: Rodriguez Was Always On My Mound

The Oakland Athletics owe Alex Rodriguez a thank you. Fact is no one cared about the A’s in the last decade. The team’s only airtime had featured Jose Canseco, who cemented the organization as the juicing confederation of baseball. Canseco disgraced America’s past time, in an Oakland uniform. Oh and let’s not forget Jason Giambi […]

Sports Fans: You Can Thank Me Later

It’s almost time for baseball fans to get back to work, as the season is right around the corner. If you want something to pass your time with below is a website of spoof sports articles. Trust this fan that this is worth checking out. Please click on link below or read the humorous article […]