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Coo, Coo, Ca-Choo, David Robertson The Yankees Win

Finally the New York Yankees land in the column on the left, beating the Tampa Bay Rays 6-2 and snapping a 0-6 losing streak. Was it a great win? It was a necessary one that is for sure, as there might have a riot if the Yankees lost another game. To no surprise the team […]

The New York Yankees Are Not That Old

It has not been a fun home stand in the Bronx for the New York Yankees, as the Boston Red Sox swept them and makes that a five ‘L’s’ in a row for the stumbling Bombers. This happens every season, but the sting stays consistent as fans wonder if this might never end, but it […]

New York Yankees Are Not Immune To Slumps

THE LATEST: As if listening to FOX’s Joe Buck for nine innings wasn’t bad enough, the New York Yankees tacked on another ugly loss, as they fell 6-0 to the Boston Red Sox for the second straight night. Add that to some internal Yankee drama with ex-catcher, now DH Jorge Posada removing himself from the […]

New York Yankees Breaking News: Is Jorge Posada Calling It Quits? Or Throwing A Fit?

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman held an impromptu announcement during the second inning of the Boston Red Sox game talking to FOX’s Ken Rosenthal. What everyone thought was skipper Joe Girardi scratching DH Jorge Posada out of the line-up was not the case, as Cashman said that Posada pulled himself out of the line-up […]

MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Not Trading Any Player To Yankees Ever

The popular trade-debate regarding the New York Mets and who was for sale out in Queens has been a hot topic around baseball. Some media have suggested the New York Yankees as possible suitors, this speculation seemed a bit far fetched but let’s take a look at the ‘Other New York‘ team. Who’s Been Mentioned? […]

New York Yankees Rumors: Need A Catcher, Call A Molina

Rumor has it that the New York Yankees are not sold on catching prospects Jesus Montero and Austin Romine starting out the season up in the Bronx. Even though Romine and Montero are fighting for the back-up job behind Russell Martin, the fact remains that as of late, the two youngsters have not displayed the […]