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Yankees: Not Pineda’s Pine Tar Gate

The dazzling performance by starter Michael Pineda that lead the Yankees to defeat the Red Sox last night 4-1, has been entirely dwarfed by pine tar. Surprise, surprise everyone from ESPN’s Baseball Tonight to the NY Daily News is focusing on the brown, gooey substance located on the inside part of Pineda’s right wrist and […]

New York Yankees: Lots To Prove In Boston

The New York Yankees are leaving Baltimore after taking two of four against the Orioles on route to Boston, but sans the Captain and possibly A-rod, who both have minor injuries. Any baseball fan is well aware that the Yankees are the team with something to prove against the Red Sox, who have owned the […]

Weekend Series To Watch: New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox

The New York Yankees are in Boston to play a three game set against the Red Sox. Everyone realizes the significance of this series for the Yankees, who are an embarrassing 1-8 against their torrid rivals so far this season. The Yankees have nine games vs. Boston left to play in 2011, and the first […]

New York Yankees: Ron Washington Is To Idiot As CC Sabathia Is To All-Star

The announcement of the 2011 MLB All-Star Rosters came about an hour before the start the final game of the Subway Series. Even though the Yankees were going for the sweep, but lost in extra innings 2-3 after taking the first two games from the Mets, the bigger news was that ace CC Sabathia didn’t […]

New York Yankees: Time To Send The Red Sox Back To Boston In Second Place

The Boston Red Sox have officially knocked the New York Yankees out of first place in the AL East, as they jump ahead by one game. In order to get there, the Red Sox had to beat the Yankees seven out of the eight times they have played this season. Wow, sounds like the Red […]

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Burnett To Square Off Against Wakefield

It was a blisteringly hot day in New York on Tuesday, and by game time, the evening provided no relief. It did not stop Yankee fans from packing into the Stadium. A well-deserved welcome home for their first-place team from a successful road trip, and hoping to cheer the Yankee players to victory as they […]