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Like It Or Not, Boras Sweetens The Pot

It’s pretty much official that Johnny Damon will not be ending his career in pinstripes or any other team for that matter. Damon’s inflated head can be attributed to his agent Scott Boras. Boras, sports agent to the stars, has bullied the Yankees in the past in attempts to get bigger contracts. As a professional […]

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." – Analects Confucius

JOB DESCRIPTION – GENERAL MANAGER; MLB TEAM A general manager‘s job is at the top of an organizations pyramid. GM’s put the best team he or she deems can win. Enticing players to come aboard takes resources and only a handful of MLB teams have unlimited ones. Struggling franchises blaming it on lack of funding is quite […]

Hey Brian….It’s Time To Cash-In

With all the players enjoying well-deserved vacations, loyal fans wait anxiously to see what their team will do this off-season. Admittedly, this free-agent market is not too powerful. There is no CC or Tex out there, but the Yankees complete silence is starting to sound arrogant. What is the reluctance with signing Johnny Damon and […]


#27 is what was achieved, never giving-up, along with Alex at ease. AJ had pies, CC threw strikes, Mark T. at first base, opposing teams had no dice. For most it was a first, but 4 a core it was a 5, with Jeter at the helm, who lead with class and such pride. Who […]


Do you change something that wins? My answer is absolutely not, it would be stupid. If it ain’t broke, why break it? Why ruin a good thing? Now the Yankees are at the top of the baseball world again. They are the champs and it was done as a team. Let’s not forget that they […]

Don't Get In The Way Of The Yankees

Going into Philadelphia tied at one, to play three against the defending champs left the notion of uncertainty among the Yankees faithful. Well, Yankees fans can sleep well tonight. The Bombers have taken the first two of three in Philly, securing a 3-1 lead. One win away from being the champions feels pretty sturdy but […]