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Yankees: Please shut the Buck up

Orioles Skipper Buck Showalter needs to shut the buck up. The Baltimore manager has to get over his insecurity with the New York Yankees and worry about his Orioles. When asked about Yankees Alex Rodriguez possible lifetime steroid suspensions, Showalter told USA TODAY Sports: “If Bud lets them get away with that, they’re under the […]

Yankees-Tigers: New York Not Losers Of ALDS Game 3

First of all time cannot be reversed, neither can wins and losses but there is nothing wrong with relaying the real truth after-the-fact. The New York Yankees lost to the Detroit Tigers in Game 3 of the ALDS, but facts show that the game should have gone into extra innings. Am I being a sore […]

New York Yankees Hey Captain You Are Welcome

Last weekend, Derek Jeter was the first New York Yankee (28th ever) in baseball history to join the élite 3000 hit club. The Captain did it with class, hitting the mark with a homer and going five for five including the game-winning hit. Jeter’s achievement was amazing to watch, as he once again said he […]

Press Needs To Lay Off New York Yankees Derek Jeter

New York Yankees Derek Jeter has a lot more working against him than turning 37 this past Sunday, and I am referring to the local New York press. In my opinion, age is just a number and the Captain is without a doubt hitting the later part of his torrid career. Instead of embracing Jeter […]

New York Yankees Resign Joe Girardi For A Job Well Done

It’s official. Joe Girardi will remain the New York Yankees’ skipper for three more seasons. Many Yankees fans have been quick to blame Girardi for the team’s failure to repeat as World Series Champions. Fans were frustrated all season with Girardi, blaming any loss on unnecessary pitching changes or playing it by the book/binder. I […]

New York Yankees: Couldn’t Get A Loss When Honoring The Boss

New York Yankees are finally home in the Bronx. Monday night opened a four game set against the Tampa Bay Rays. Before the start of the game, the Yankees honored owner George Steinbrenner, who passed away on July 13th, which ironically was the same day of the All-Star Game. The ceremony was surreal, as the […]