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MLB Hot Stove: Is Terry Collins the Other New York Team’s Answer To The Mess?

After the long overdue firing of skipper Jerry Manuel, the New York Mets owners announced the two-year signing of Terry Collins to be the franchises 20th skipper. COLLINS BACKGROUND: Collins started his pro career as a shortstop drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1971. Over the next 10 years, Collins played for the Pirates and […]

To Walk In A Mets Fan’s Shoes

Hearing and reading all the baseball predictions, I started to imagine what if I were a Mets fan. For the fourth straight season, the New York Mets are predicted to be contenders. Reports of players working extra hard this off-season give false hopes in the eyes of the disgruntled fans. Even Jose Reyes is ready […]

A Fan’s Guide To The Eight Playoff Teams – Part 2

Now onto the National League teams. The NL has four teams that will be playing to go to the World Series to face the winning AL team. Here are the National League teams from a Yankee fan’s point of view. Once again listed in no particular order. PART 2 – THE NATIONAL LEAGUE 1.Philadelphia Phillies […]