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Vazquez Vs. Price: Embrace The Disgrace

Tonight, the New York Yankees begin a three-game set at Tropicana Field against the Tampa Bay Rays. For pitcher Javier Vazquez, it is his first start of the season but, not in the pinstripes. Vazquez has to win back Yankee fans trust again, as he was the scapegoat and unfairly blamed for the 2004’s ALCS […]

Grading The Champs

As baseball season begins, all eyes are on the Yankees attempting to answer the ageless question. Are the defending champs strong enough to repeat? Let’s take a look: Line-up: The Yankees lead the league in both home-runs, with 244 and runs scored with 900 in 2009. Even with Matsui and Damon’s bats gone, the Yanks bats are still the […]

Javier Vazquez’s Chance To Make New Ending

The grand slam heard round the world during the 2004 ALCS, caused Yankees Universe to collapse. Unfairly, yet certainly that pitcher was blamed. Now that jar is back in the Bronx for a second time. That in a nutshell is Javier Vazquez‘s reality. Vazquez aquired from a trade with the Atlanta Braves for fan favorite […]

Do The Yankees Still Want To Winn?

The Yankees latest bargain pick-up is San Francisco Giants OF Randy Winn. Pending only a physical, 35-year-old Winn will be a Yankee for one-season, earning $2 million dollars. Winn’s 2009 season was one of his worst, hitting only two home-runs, 51 RBI, with 93 strike-outs and a .263 batting average in his 538 at bats […]

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without." – Analects Confucius

JOB DESCRIPTION – GENERAL MANAGER; MLB TEAM A general manager‘s job is at the top of an organizations pyramid. GM’s put the best team he or she deems can win. Enticing players to come aboard takes resources and only a handful of MLB teams have unlimited ones. Struggling franchises blaming it on lack of funding is quite […]