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Vazquez vs Tigers Not Going To Be Easy

Javier Vazquez knows what he has to do tonight against the Detroit Tigers. It’s time to pitch. To no surprise, the New York Yankees are on the cusp of a losing streak and it’s Vazquez who will decide it’s fate. The team is frustrated and believe me when I say Yankee fans want Vazquez to […]

Finally Yankees Joba Ruled

For one moment, just forget about the New York Yankees two-game losing streak. If you missed tonight’s avoidable defeat at the hands of the Detroit Tigers, as expected Sergio Mitre did too little too late on the mound. In Mitre’s defense, he was not as terrible as last season or as Javier Vazquez has been […]

Javier Vazquez Where Are You?

Today, Javier Vazquez had his fourth start against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. It was not pretty, it was sad to watch and Vazquez could not complete four innings. Clearly, Vazquez is not himself. Is he cursed in pinstripes? Could Yankees fans have gotten in his head? The answer is irrelevant as it is […]

Please Shut-Up Vazquez Won

As the Yankees headed to Oakland, Javier Vazquez‘s completed his check-list in his third start on the mound.

Javier Vazquez: Top 3 New Targets For Yankee Hater-Fans

At Yankee Stadium, tolerance for the Hater-Fans is low. They are crass, loud, annoying, distracting individuals who’s loyalties are always in question. Hater-Fan’s are at every and any sporting event. It is part of the experience, and you learn to ignore them; that is until it is effecting the players. For Javier Vazquez, landing back […]

Javier Vazquez: You Want Reasons? Here Are Four

Game two between the Angels and Yankees was the second start for pitcher Javier Vazquez, his first in the Bronx since 2004. Just to recap the game, Angels new pitcher Joel Pineiro literally sunk the Yankee bats for the seven innings, and the Yankees lost 5-3. Vazquez, coming off a loss against the Rays started […]