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Subway Series: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight

The Yankees host the Mets this weekend, for part two of the Subway Series. With both New York teams are flirting with first place in their respected division, in addition to the usual fan pride, winning this series is essential. The pitching match-ups are about the only thing that looks the same. The two teams […]

Jamie Moyer Pitches Solid Bullshit To Beat The Yankees

After Roy Halladay got smoked 8-2 by the New York Yankees on Tuesday night, Philadelphia Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel made another pitching change. Manuel swapped Kyle Kendrick and Jamie Moyer‘s starts. So, Kendrick would face Andy Pettitte on Thursday, and uber-veteran Jamie Moyer would start against AJ Burnett on Wednesday night. Manual’s reasoning made no […]

Pitching Preview: Champion New York Yankees vs. Philadelphia Phillies Game 3

Pitching Preview: Champs vs. Phillies Game 3 will be looking at a pair of veterans on Thursday’s match-up, in this 2009 World Series revival between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Yankees. Game 3: Southpaws’ Andy Pettitte vs. Jamie Moyer, is a battle of the veterans. They are two of only three active pitchers […]