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Yankees Injury News: Oh not Hughes already

The first injury in New York Yankees spring training camp was reported by ESPN New York earlier today; and surprise, surprise it was pitcher Phil Hughes. He is suffering from a bulging disc in his back, which gave me déjà vu, as the Yankees despicable off-season made it easy to forget about the team’s existing […]

Mirror, mirror on the wall who can beat the Yanks in post-season baseball?

Mirror, mirror on the wall who can beat the Yanks in post-season baseball? Within the AL East Division, I think the Yankees have a significant lead that will be hard to catch. In the American League the first team that pose a threat in the race to the World Series is the Boston Red Sox. […]

Fate, Football, Fantasy and Two NFL Teams…..

Two NFL teams that fate in choices made will determine their success. One has added an aging star, while the other team has lost one. Both the impacts of the situations will play a great role for fantasy owners. Here are the plans laid out with what could happen and most likely will. The Minnesota […]

Proud To Be In Pinstripes….And It Only Took A Week!

My Yankees have had quite a week. A week that was needed for so many reasons for any team on brink of the tipping point. Honestly, this past week could have been the most critical of the season for the team from the Bronx. The Yanks are not by any means in a isolated or […]

Many Nations Live In The Universe……

Here is a nice fact about the current American League East, the Yankees cannot lose a game until the Red Sox do. The games, being four, that is the divide between first and second place is at critical point. The two possibilities are for the Yanks to gain and make this a one or two […]

Hey Yankees…You Can Blame It On The Rain!

  I thought the motto of ‘win series’ was going pretty well but have the tides turned on the second place NY Yankees. My Yanks lost a second series in a row to the Florida Marlins, who took two of the three games over the weekend. I live in Manhattan, where it has been raining […]