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New York Yankees: The Cashman Rules

HISTORY OF THE “RULES”: It would be almost impossible for any New York Yankees fan to forget about the infamous “Joba Rules” and “Hughes Rules”. GM Brian Cashman gave the impression that these rules were set guidelines for rookie pitchers Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes, with the intent to make their transition’s smooth, while allowing […]

New York Yankees: Remember Pitcher Ian Kennedy, Let Me Help

After watching the New York Yankees bats waste a great outing from AJ Burnett in a 3-0 loss to the Chicago White Sox in the first of a four game set, I turned to the MLB Network to see what else was happening in baseball. First came the phone-in from White Sox pitcher Phil Humber […]

MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Cheapest Cliff Lee Back-Up Plan

The New York Yankees are not shying away about who they want to be in pinstripes in 2011. Ace Cliff Lee has already been paid a visit by GM Brian Cashman. Lately questions have been raised about Lee, a country bumpkin coming to the Big Apple and if more money means as much in his […]

Brian Cashman’s Mid-Report Card: Part One

With the start to the MLB Winter Meetings, lonely fans can finally wake-up with baseball on their mind. Hopes and dreams of next season start to unfold as trades, pick-ups and drop-offs give plenty to talk about again. Rumors will fly around talks of possibilities become reality or not. The Yankees are hogging the spotlight […]

3 Reality Checks That Reminded Me, The Yankees Are Human

Yankee fans remember playoffs as if it was light years ago that we had been involved. At the very least, a team good enough, excuse me great enough to be post-season worthy. Technically the Yanks only have missed October baseball one time, last season. But baseball fever is everywhere in NYC as if it is […]