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Rays vs. Yankees Pitching Preview Part Two

Thursday’s match-up is definitely a good one featuring Andy Pettitte and James Shields. Another hard winner to pick because Pettitte has been so good and Shields has majorly improved since the last time he face this Yankees line-up. JAMES SHIELDS (TBR) vs. ANDY PETTITTE (NYY) JAMES SHIELDS: PROS: James Shields has some experience against the […]

It Was All Hughes Tonight

Tonights win was all about Phil Hughes. Hughes dazzled on the mound. The Yankees youngster had only thrown 59 pitches by the middle of the fifth inning and was on his way to a no hitter. Unfortunately, at the start of the eighth inning, Oakland‘s Eric Chavez hit a single straight at the mound. The […]

Please Shut-Up Vazquez Won

As the Yankees headed to Oakland, Javier Vazquez‘s completed his check-list in his third start on the mound.

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game, Part Two

Part two: Watching A Game, is to help the newbie fan with basic game lingo. It will come in handy especially when watching a game on TV or listening on the radio to start to understand the announcers jargon and relating it to whats going on in the game. BASEBALL’S BASIC LINGO: Bat: If you […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game

Ok, it is time to learn the basics of what goes on in a baseball game, and to make it easier for the newbie it will be split into two posts, over two weeks. Part One will cover the bare bones about # of games, game break down and how a batter can get on base. THE SEASON […]

Here Come The Yanks!!!

Wow!!!    I am talking about the first 2 games against the Twins…..just in case you missed out on watching, here are brief updates: Friday – I was not happy when Damon, who is out best hitter thus far, got ejected in the 3rd inning. The umpire was making crapy calls for the entire at-bat. So, […]