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New York Yankees: Not Today Let’s Go Giants

The New York Yankees finally had a weekend full of off-season news, but that can wait because today is all about the New York Giants. The G-Men are in Green Bay this weekend to play the 15-1 Packers in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs; winner will play the San Francisco 49ers next weekend in the […]

New York Yankees: To Pissed To Write

I knew it! As I watched the New York Giants lose on Sunday 38-35 to the Green Bay Packers, I knew that something was not right with the officiating. For an Eagles friend to say to me that the game looked “rigged” about five different times throughout the game was enough for me to make […]

New York Giants: Time To STOMP Green Bay To 11-1

The New York Giants host the undefeated, 11-0 Green Bay Packers on Sunday at 4:15pm. After having to sit through last Monday night‘s GIANT embarrassment vs. the New Orléans Saints, I dont’ blame anyone who cannot watchBig Blue right away. I am still fuming and if the G-Men (specifically the defense) repeat the same crap again I am […]

NFL Is Back But Brett Favre Is Going To Ruin It

Welcome back to life NFL, and with open arms….kind-of! Even though I might not get the same pit in my stomach like I do at the close of the MLB season, nothing beats watching my New York Giants win on Sunday afternoons; or the New York Jets lose. Sorry, Jets fans but it is not […]

2011 NFC Championship Game Preview: Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears

NFL fans are buzzing awaiting the conference championship games this weekend. By early Monday morning, two of the four remaining teams left will head to Dallas, Texas to play for a championship on February 6th, 2011; the other two will head home. Who is going to win and represent the NFC in the Superbowl? Green […]

1985 Chicago Bear: ‘The Superbowl Shuffle’

The 1985 Chicago Bears made a music video that is one of my favorite memories from childhood. From California to New York City, ‘The Superbowl Shuffle‘ infected the entire country. This is for all NFL fans to enjoy: Related articles 2011 Chicago Bears: New Super Bowl Shuffle Verses ( 1985 Bears Holding Super Silver Celebration […]