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New York Yankees: David Phelps to start

It is no secret that the New York Yankees plethora of starting pitchinghas been whittled down to scrambling to fix holes left by the absence of Michael Pineda and the inefficiency of Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes. And thanks to Hughes, Garcia, and after last nights 0-5 defeat at the hands of the Orioles, Ivan Nova, […]

Should Yankees worry about Andy Pettitte?

With all the hoopla around the New York Yankees pitching, the one bright light fans are awaiting is the return of Andy Pettitte. Pettitte is one of the original ‘Core Four’ who decided to un-retire after leaving baseball and New York at the end of the 2010 season. Now with Michael Pineda out for the […]

New York Yankees: Finally good news but more bad too

In retrospect the New York Yankees survived an injury-riddled week, ending on a high with a 2-1 series win against the Tigers. What happened? Well, which do you want to hear first? Kidding her is the bad news first, followed by the better or most improved news…. A WEEK FROM HELL: The New York Yankees […]

New York Yankees: 2 possibilities to fix Hughes issue

With the news that prize acquisition Michael Pineda might never see the lights in Yankee Stadium from the pitcher’s mound, at least not this season, does leave the team in a bit of a pickle. Less than a week ago, Pineda was still going to play a big part in the 2012 season. Personally knowing […]

New York Yankees: Cashman Signs Another ‘Maybe’ Pitcher Freddy Garcia

In 14 days, pitchers and catchers will report to their respective camps as 2011 spring training means baseball is finally back again. For the New York Yankees, it means pitching tryouts will begin, as there are two big holes that need to be filled in the starting rotation. GM Brain Cashman is trying to fill […]