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NFL Funniest Video Kid Hates Patriots Tom Brady

Since the MLB off-season is a snooze so far, here is a fan video that will give you a laugh. You might have already seen this kid’s video pop-up on other sports sites but I had to share it because it is hilarious. It also explains how young the anger starts for Philadelphia Eagles fan. […]

Come On And Get Ready….

Are you ready for some football? Well, start preparing because football is serving the sports word on a silver platter, with a championship game promising to be to a battle. The New Orleans Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts on February 7th in Superbowl XLIV in Miami, FL. Just as the World Series, the […]

NFL: If At First You Don't Predict, Try, Try Again

Last week, one out of the four NFL playoff games is all I predicted correctly. To be perfectly honest, picking the Vikings over the Cowboys was a sensitivity issue because I am a Giants fan. It gave me that subtle reminder of why sports’ popularity never fades. Quick recap of last week: The Ravens handed […]

Jets Pull Through, Feels Like Deja Vu

Rex Ryan‘s contagious spirit is spreading across NYC, as J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are just one win away from the Superbowl. To even dream that the Jets would be playing the Colts in the AFC Championship was beyond unthinkable and just three weeks ago. Well, the Jets should already be very proud, because this was […]

Makes Me Want To Cheers For Chargers….LT Video

LaDainian Tomlinson, the running back for the San Diego Chargers has just released a music video. Here is “LT Style…Electric Glide”……this is great and should be the Chargers playoff theme song!! (Ray Lewis needs a video now) Related Blogs

What A Decade: Part Two: A Lack Of Respect

Overall the world of sports has taken the biggest hit over the past 10 years. All the achievements and milestones get tarnished. Headlines, full of scandals, players disregarding the status of being role-models, and the once respected title of professional athlete has taken a fall. Could the problem be the super-sized contracts used to attract […]