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2012 MLB Power Rankings – Week 1

The first week of the 2012 season was far from boring, as the competition is even better than I realized. My advice is if you want to make a baseball fan out of someone this is the season to do it but that is for another post. For now, here are my weekly power rankings…remember […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics

Hey newbie fans, hopefully by now you have started to grasp the basics of baseball. Now with the season in full swing, you newbies should be ready for the next question. This has been asked a few times over the last week. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” Batters and […]

Yankees Win But Today All Of Baseball Lost

Baseball lost a hero today with the passing of Ernie Harwell who was 92 years old. For 55 years, Mr. Ernie Harwell was the quintessential icon of baseball broadcasters. Over 42 of those seasons, Mr. Harwell was the radio voice for the Detroit Tigers earning a niche in the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1981. […]

Baseball Basics: Welcome

Not everyone is a baseball fan, but everybody should be. Attempts to gain such status are made all the time. The success ratio is about 50/50, with biggest complaints being not understanding the basics, which in turn make games boring, endlessly to long and cause resentment towards the sport itself. Lady Loves Pinstripes wants to […]

Baseball’s Always On My Mind

Lady Loves Pinstripes will be back to daily blogging on February 19th, as recent elbow surgery has my right arm in a sling until the stitches come out. Baseball season is about to start and I could not be more thrilled with anticipation of a Yankee replication. Also, looking forward to seeing how are new additions feel to the team, along with […]

The 4 Next Biggest Headlines Possible For Second Half Of 2009 Season

What an exciting and competitive first half of baseball in the 2009 season. Never short of drama both on and off the field but keep in mind we are only at the mid-point of the season. Now starts the second half which gives all teams almost a fresh start to regroup and attack. Even teams […]