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Yankees Fans: Time you do the Wright thing and VOTE

Ok Yankees fans it is time to do the Wright thing. As New Yorkers it is out duty to guarantee that the Mets Captain, third baseman David Wright starts the 2013 All-Star Game at Citi-Field on July 16th. Not a Mets fan? So what you could be a Red Sox fan who calls the Big […]

New York Mets: Baby Steps Are Not Enough

Baseball’s second-half is just 48 hours away from starting, and fans are filled with anticipation for the season’s end. Some fans want it to end because there team is already out, while others have hopes for a post-season berth. Well, even if your team is in last place just wish for a miracle? Crazier things have happened […]

Subway Series: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight

The Yankees host the Mets this weekend, for part two of the Subway Series. With both New York teams are flirting with first place in their respected division, in addition to the usual fan pride, winning this series is essential. The pitching match-ups are about the only thing that looks the same. The two teams […]

Two Teams, One Goal, Same Season

From a Yankees fan’s point of view, the Mets and the Rays players should be hungry as ever to get back some respect in baseball. Commonly, both team’s seemingly share a lack in leadership internally within the players. That makes David Wrights job very hard with the Mets continuing to fail over the last few […]

Oh Roy, Oh Roy Will Be What Team’s Newest Toy

Rumors are swirling around the baseball world; about Toronto Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay. The possibilities of who, where and what it will take to get this stud are endless. WHO – is in the running? Any GM with a pulse is going to weigh options. This inevitably becomes Halladay’s decision as he has a […]

Dear Diary, My Mets……

David Wright’s Diary Entry 10-26-09 Dear Diary, It’s official my biggest nightmare has come true. On Sunday night around 11:30pm the Yankees beat the Angels in the ALCS filling the once empty bracket to play for the championship. Once again the Yankees are the best, New York’s favorite team, the best Captain in sports….blah, blah, […]