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New York Yankees Look Good After Losing In Boston

Both bullpen’s battled for starters CC Sabathia who called it a night in the sixth, and Josh Beckett finished an inning before at the top of the fifth. The Yankees were up 5-2 in six innings, but Sabathia sixth inning was all the Red Sox needed to score two runs to get momentum going. Girardi […]

2010 Opening Game: What To Watch When The Yanks Take On The Red Sox

To repeat, is to duplicate or reproduce something. For the New York Yankees, something is the World Series. This trek starts tonight when they take the field at Fenway Park against their division rival Red Sox. Josh Beckett and CC Sabathia will duel it out on the mound, and it will be the first time […]

Two Worries Of A Cocky Yankees Fan

The world saw the worst collapse in sports history take residence in Shea Stadium, in 2007, the pictures and tears brought city-wide shame. The Mets have been face first since, and the fans hate them for it. Jump to a few months later, when the scrappy Giants miraculously beat an undefeated Patriots to win the […]

New York Yankees: Champions On The Cheap

Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. – Eleanor Roosevelt This week’s message clearly given to the Yankees from the sports world. It is no surprise, that Yankee fans seem to be leading some of the charge. How do I know this? It’s because I am one of those fans; an admitted spoiled […]

What A Decade: Part Two: A Lack Of Respect

Overall the world of sports has taken the biggest hit over the past 10 years. All the achievements and milestones get tarnished. Headlines, full of scandals, players disregarding the status of being role-models, and the once respected title of professional athlete has taken a fall. Could the problem be the super-sized contracts used to attract […]

A Fan’s Guide To The Eight Playoff Teams – Part 1

The baseball season starts in April, consisting of 30 teams who are all grinding through the same grueling schedule. All 30 teams have just one identical goal, to make it to this week when the 2009 Playoffs begin. Only eight ball-clubs dreams of playing in October will come true. The remaining 22 crushed with the […]