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New York Yankee Fans Have To Play Nice With AJ Burnett Too

After a disappointing finish in 2010 season, New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett knew what he has to do. When Burnett first came to New York in 2009 from the Toronto Blue Jays he delivered, posting a 4.04 ERA, eating 207 innings and 195 strikeouts in the regular season. He followed by making 5 postseason […]

Yankees GM Brian Cashman Adresses Media About Jeter, Rivera, Girardi Contracts

NEW YORK YANKEES BREAKING NEWS…. It’s no surprise to hear from New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman that pitching coach Dave Eiland will not be returning in 2011. Eiland took an extended leave of absence in 2010, the reason still remains personal but it was almost a month until he returned to his job. The […]

New York Yankees Leave It To AJ Burnett

New York Yankees leave it in the hands of AJ Burnett tonight, as a three-game sweep of the in Oakland Athletics is on the line. When pitching coach Dave Eiland‘s went AWOL most of June, Burnett was significantly affected on the mound. It was the worst month in Burnett’s career, but it also was the […]

Yankees Made The Red Sox Bleed Pinstripes Last Night

The #4-train last night was packed full with Yankees and Red Sox fans heading to the Bronx. Expecting what looked to be the first game of a tough series for both the Red Sox and the Yankees. A forecast of what was to come on the road to the World Series. Joba was the scheduled […]