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New York Giants: Get Back To Being Best Team in NFL Again for Week 11 or Else

The 2010 New York Giants have been pretty on-target with the rest of the NFL’s motto, which is completely unpredictable. There is no leader of the pack as we enter the second half of the season. Never have more teams been named the best team in the NFL this season on ESPN after 10 games. […]

NFL: A Lady's Predictions

Warner, Farve, Lewis, LT, Brees, P. Manning and the Jets. Regardless if your team is playing or not, the match-ups are all dramatic in their own right. With the games just hours away, NFL fans everywhere cannot help their anticipation. Here are my playoff picks: (picks have been carefully picked by both fact and emotion) […]

“When Those Who Must Play, Can’t Play.”

The spotlight on Sunday was shining in three different directions. A new stadium, a team’s reputation on the line and a young pitcher who needed to shine. In essence all the same theme…..WIN, WIN, WIN!!! The perfect example of this is in a pre-game interview with Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones from this past Sunday. […]

The 3 Factors For How The Giants Beat Cowboys

The NFL season going into week two will answer a lot of questions for all teams. Will Sanchez play as well against the Pats? And can his performance be blamed on Coach Rex Ryan’s mouth? The great AD will be running against a struggling group of Lions; will records be broken? Will Trent Edwards listen […]