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Don't Get In The Way Of The Yankees

Going into Philadelphia tied at one, to play three against the defending champs left the notion of uncertainty among the Yankees faithful. Well, Yankees fans can sleep well tonight. The Bombers have taken the first two of three in Philly, securing a 3-1 lead. One win away from being the champions feels pretty sturdy but […]

Pitching Will Predict The Phillies Verdict

The Phillies are a terrific team, no doubt about it. Consistently performing at this high level to have another opportunity to win the championship says enough.The defending champions have everyone watching, learning and hopefully incorporating some of that swagger. When looking at the Phillies the players are the first a sense of teamwork and I […]

MLB: The Final Four

Unlike past October’s, for the first time in years the final four teams that remain are the top four in baseball. It will something not to miss as any one of the teams has a shot to win. There is no currently hot team making a run of it; all four are hot and loaded […]

A Fan’s Guide To The Eight Playoff Teams – Part 2

Now onto the National League teams. The NL has four teams that will be playing to go to the World Series to face the winning AL team. Here are the National League teams from a Yankee fan’s point of view. Once again listed in no particular order. PART 2 – THE NATIONAL LEAGUE 1.Philadelphia Phillies […]

MLB: This Seasons Surprises

The baseball season is coming into the last few weeks of the regular season. Playoff spots are about to be clinched and already some teams In the beginning of the season I thought of few things were almost a given to happen. Injuries, failed expectations are just some the issues to have caused expected and […]