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Yankees: Can We Really Trust Ivan Nova?

New York Yankees pitcher Ivan Nova is the real deal. At least that is what everybody initially thought of him. When Nova hit the major league level back in 2010, he showed some promise. Pitching just 42 innings in total, he went 1-2 with a 4.50 ERA. It was a small sample size where he […]

2012 MLB Team Preview: Cleveland Indians

The 2011 Cleveland Indians came out of the gate hot last season, and were first in the AL Central up until July 20th having won 51 games. Following that day, the Tribe only won 29 more games in 2011, and finished the season a distant second with 15 games separating them and the division leading […]

The Yankees Boy Toys: Hughes and Chamberlain

The seemingly endless discussion of Joba vs. Phil is heating up again. Last season this was a mess and solved nothing. Hughes toss to the bullpen happen to look genius, when it was the only way to keep him on the roaster. Joba’s restrictions (aka ‘joba rules’) limited the lad from learning to compete because […]

Is Kim Jones a Yankees Fan???

As I was watching the tonight’s game (another nice win!!) I had a flashback from the playoffs in the 2007 season. Envision this…the Yankees against the Indians in Cleveland, as they were the wild card team. It was right before the start of game one or two. My Yanks lost both games so what’s the […]

I Hate When I Forget……

I almost started to forget that we are the New York Yankees!!! And how lucky we are as fans!! Here is the truth to what and why I was forgetting the above…. As for not making the playoffs last year, the first time in 14 seasons, also the new feeling of losing hope and it […]