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Yankees Vs. Red Sox: Looking At The Facts Spells A Different Story For Rivalry

MLB is home to one of biggest rivalries in sports between the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. Over the last few seasons’ things have been become quieter and tamer in comparison to the bench clearing brawls of the late 90’s and early 00’s. Boston and New York fans live for these 18 games […]

2011 MLB Team Preview: Boston Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox didn’t make the postseason in 2010, and that is unacceptable response following a 2009 New York Yankees World Series win. Boston’s GM Theo Epstein clearly did not want this to resonate in the minds of Red Sox Nation. So, Epstein made the Red Sox the unmistakable winners this off-season, by signing […]

MLB Trade Rumors: Jesus Montero and 8 Others Yankees Who Might Be Trade Bait

It is no secret that the New York Yankees were hoping that there 2011 starting rotation would include the names of Cliff Lee and Andy Pettitte. Moving forward, the Yankees have to fill the fourth and fifth spots, at least temporarily, until they make a trade for a legit arm before the July All-Star break. […]

2011 MLB Predictions: Is the AL East a 3-Team Race Again?

Last week the Tampa Bay Rays reunited two old pals, but will it feel good enough to make the Rays legit in 2011? The Rays are now proud owners of Johnny Damon‘s and Manny Ramirez’s talents heading into the season. Veterans, who both have two World Series rings (Manny’s are both with the Boston Red […]

2011 New York Yankees: Why Gardner And Granderson Need To Come In Hot

In 2010, the Yankees were adamantly clear that it was repeat or bust. The reigning 2009 champion New York Yankees lost in the ALCS, eventually passing the World Series crown to the San Francisco Giants. Most teams would be elated if that was how their last two seasons had panned out, but up in the […]

MLB Hot Stove: Cliff Lee the Key Factor in Yankee-Red Sox Battle for Supremacy

All the New York Yankee brass and fans can do is wait for ace Cliff Lee to make his decision. The Yankees need Lee, and anyone who doesn’t think so is living in denial. The recent acquisition of two lefties, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez, by the Yankees rival in Boston, does make the Red […]