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New York Yankees: Alex Rodriguez Seriously Are You A Moron?

New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez’s lapse in off-the-field drama didn’t last too long, as not one but two stories have emerged over the last week. The first is innocent gossip, but the second one I promise is very disappointing. HEARTBREAKER: Over on one of gossip guru Perez Hilton’s websites it has been reported that A-rod […]

New York Yankees Camp Is About To Get Crazy

Look for the big press tent to be erect at Steinbrenner Field today, as the press frenzy is about to begin. The New York Yankees position players officially arrive at Spring Training, which entails media darlings Alex Rodriguez and the Captain Derek Jeter. A-rod has done a number on himself over the last month starting […]

New York Yankees: FOX’s Joe Buck Sticks It To A-Rod During SuperBowl

Late in the first quarter of Super Bowl XLV, the camera flashed New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez sitting with his girlfriend Cameron Diaz. Diaz was feeding A-Rod popcorn at the moment, and Fox’s Joe Buck was elated to have caught the slugger being feed like a baby. It was typical A-rod awkward. At […]

New York Yankees: Why Cameron Diaz Is Not Good for A-Rod or the Team

If you want to date New York Yankees star third baseman Alex Rodriguez, your resume better read: blond, Hollywood actress, small chest and athletic build. When A-Rod started to date Kate Hudson, the rumors were hard to believe Goldie’s daughter would fancy such an insecure womanizer. When Hudson showed up at the ballpark in A-Rod’s […]

Yankees Lose Because Cameron Diaz Sucks In The Sack

What is going on with Arod? And what’s up Girardi’s behind? Nobody really knows except Joe himself, but I do know the answer to the next question. How embarrassing is it to lose to the worst team in baseball? Just ask the reigning World Series Champs, who accomplished that tonight losing 5-4 to the Baltimore […]