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Yankees: MLB wants to bust Alex Rodriguez at all costs

The infamous Biogenesis Clinic investigation is back in the headlines, along with whether New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez had any type of relationship with scumbag owner Anthony Bosch. Yesterday, ESPN’s Outside the Lines claimed that MLB is just days away from dishing out a record number of suspensions to over 20 players for being connected to […]

Yankees Alex Rodriguez is being proven innocent

Is New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez getting a fair trial in the court of public opinion?  I think you already know the answer, but that doesn’t make it right. MLB has already deemed A-Rod guilty of being a customer of Anthony Bosch’s Biogenesis clinic, which allegedly sold PEDs (performance enhancement drugs) to professional athletes. Add […]

Yankees: Miami New Times had reasons to oust Alex Rodriguez

The PEDs (performance-enhancing drugs) scandal conveyed in the Miami New Times on January 29th is losing its creditability by the day. More specifically the accusations alluding to the use of multiple banned substances by New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez that he obtained though Anthony Bosch. Bosch ran a clinic that was a supposed source […]

Yankees: Updates on the Alex Rodriguez PED scandal

What happened yesterday?  First it was Yahoo Sports who reported the names of Milwaukee Brewers Ryan Braun and New York Yankees Francisco Cervelli. The New York Daily News in a few hours later, identifying Jesus Montero of the Seattle Mariners. Followed by SI’s Tom Verducci ousting the name of Detroit Tigers Jhonny Peralta. Those are […]

Are the New York Yankees justifying their own agenda regarding Alex Rodriguez

Undoubtedly, New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez has not always made the best off the field decisions. He is the sports media model of consistency for always providing headline worthy news to the point where even the New York Jets are jealous. Ideally no professional sports team fantasizes about paying for a distraction so why do […]

Yankees: I actually liked Alex Rodriguez

Since he became a New York Yankee, I have been a fan Alex Rodriguez. Even back in 2009, I was part of a minority of New York Yankees fans who believed A-rod when he admitted to have used PEDs (performance enhancing drugs) between 2001-2003. A-rod declared his cheating as a “stupid mistake”, but he owned […]