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Baseball Basics: Watching A Game

Ok, it is time to learn the basics of what goes on in a baseball game, and to make it easier for the newbie it will be split into two posts, over two weeks. Part One will cover the bare bones about # of games, game break down and how a batter can get on base. THE SEASON […]

Baseball Basics: The Who, What, Where

BASEBALL BASICS WEEKLY QUESTION: Last season during the bottom of the second inning, one of my best friend’s cheered, “There is Derek Jeter! Go Jeter!” Except she was pointing at the catcher, Jorge Posada squatting behind home-plate. I asked her, “What position does Derek Jeter play?” She responds, “Hmmm shortstop, right?” To aide in times […]

Baseball Basics: Fans Starting From Scratch

WEEKLY QUESTION: How many MLB teams are there, and are the Yankees and Mets in the same division? Major League Baseball consists of 30 teams; 14 in the American League (AL), and 16 in the National League (NL). The two leagues are broken up into three divisions, EAST, CENTRAL and WEST. The Yankees and Mets […]

Baseball Basics: Welcome

Not everyone is a baseball fan, but everybody should be. Attempts to gain such status are made all the time. The success ratio is about 50/50, with biggest complaints being not understanding the basics, which in turn make games boring, endlessly to long and cause resentment towards the sport itself. Lady Loves Pinstripes wants to […]

The AL East: It Would Be Best To Bring You’re A-Game

How many teams are in this race? For right now three teams; Tampa Bay Rays, Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees. Why is this week so important in the American League East? The teams are playing within their own division so the wins and losses have more importance. The third place Tampa Bay Rays host the Boston Red Sox […]