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Baseball Basics: New instant replay confusion

I have been asked to explain MLB’s new expansion of instant replay enough times now that it warranted a Baseball Basic answer. So, here is a breakdown of the new instant replay system for the newbie baseball fan. Please keep in mind that MLB wants this to be efficient so 2014 season is sort of […]

Baseball Basics: Can you explain the term OPS?

Can you explain the term OPS? This is a question I get asked about all the time, as the term has become more used in everyday baseball lingo. So, I will do my best to explain OPS and why it is has become so beneficial. Definition of OPS: OPS, is the abbreviation for the batting […]

Baseball Basics: What is the Rule 5 Draft?

What is the RULE 5 DRAFT in Major League Baseball? PURPOSE of the RULE 5 DRAFT: The Rule 5 Draft was generated to stop MLB teams from stockpiling minor league prospects indefinitely in their farm system. With the Rule 5 Draft a player has an opportunity to be picked up by a team who is […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics Part 2

The first part of this basic covered the batters, so here is the second post which gives definitions of the pitching statistics abbreviations. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISTICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” PART 2 For Pitchers: G = Games Pitched GS = Games Started CG = Complete Games GF – Games Finished IP […]

Baseball Basics: Statistical Basics

Hey newbie fans, hopefully by now you have started to grasp the basics of baseball. Now with the season in full swing, you newbies should be ready for the next question. This has been asked a few times over the last week. Baseball Basics Question: “WHAT STATISICS DO ALL THE ABBREVIATIONS STAND FOR?” Batters and […]

Baseball Basics: Watching A Game, Part Two

Part two: Watching A Game, is to help the newbie fan with basic game lingo. It will come in handy especially when watching a game on TV or listening on the radio to start to understand the announcers jargon and relating it to whats going on in the game. BASEBALL’S BASIC LINGO: Bat: If you […]