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Yankees Win In Perfect Thames

God bless you Arod, but the hero in tonight’s Yankees win was Marcus Thames. In the bottom of the ninth, the Yankees seemed doomed to lose after being up 5-0 after the 1st inning. After Brett Gardner, who once again hit a single under pressure, was on base when Arod came up to the plate. […]

Like It Or Not, Boras Sweetens The Pot

It’s pretty much official that Johnny Damon will not be ending his career in pinstripes or any other team for that matter. Damon’s inflated head can be attributed to his agent Scott Boras. Boras, sports agent to the stars, has bullied the Yankees in the past in attempts to get bigger contracts. As a professional […]

WHAT A DECADE: Part Three – Inspiration Move Me Brightly

Who can watch Rocky Four and not get goose bumps when Rocky beats Ivan Drago? In Miracle when the USA Team of amateurs fights with heart, against every kind of odd; which makes you want to be that passionate, right? The answers….NO-ONE and YES. As a sports fan, moments that truly make a person feel […]

Can I Say 9 and Still Going…..

  Went to the game tonight……and the team looks unstoppable!!   Joba got hit by a ball and left the game in the first inning so lets hope this is not a DL situation. With Wang coming up momentarily and Hughes looking good it is not terrible if he needs to fix something.   Here is the option […]