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MLB Hot Stove: New York Yankees Playing a Game of Texas Hold’em

Free-agent ace Cliff Lee is burning his talents right through the MLB winter meetings this week. Just a week ago Lee was on his way to New York, unless the Rangers could convince the southpaw he had good reasons to stay in Texas. Well things have certainly changed, as rumors that the Nationals, Angels, Phillies […]

2010 MLB Winter Meeting: Donde Estas New York Yankees?

Hasn’t the New York Yankees brass put us fans through enough already? So far, the 2010 offseason has been emotionally draining for those loyal to the pinstripes. To be fair, we were warned the moment owner Hal Steinbrenner uttered the word “messy” pre-captain Derek Jeter’s negotiations. After weeks of vandalizing Jeter, one of the most […]

And The Award Goes To…..

Gold Glove awards completed today, as MLB Award Season has officially started. Spreading out nicely for the month after the World Series keeps talks and debates flowing. It also lightens the initial blow for baseball fans everywhere; whom are all adjusting to nights free of baseball. Then before you know it, 2010 is upon us […]