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New York Yankees: Lots To Prove In Boston

The New York Yankees are leaving Baltimore after taking two of four against the Orioles on route to Boston, but sans the Captain and possibly A-rod, who both have minor injuries. Any baseball fan is well aware that the Yankees are the team with something to prove against the Red Sox, who have owned the […]

New York Yankees: Hurricane Irene Got Nothing On The Bronx Bombers

Up in the Bronx on Thursday afternoon, the New York Yankees started a hurricane with their bats. Not only did their bats beat the Oakland Athletics 22-9, they also made baseball history along the way. As Robinson Cano, Russell Martin and Curtis Granderson all hit grand slams during the game, which is the first time […]

New York Yankees: Proving Age Before Beauty

Finally, the New York Yankee bats and starter AJ Burnett were in sync in Kansas City against the Royals, winning the game 7-4. Burnett racked his first win in pinstripes the month of August ever, a jinx that had run its course for all involved as he posted an 0-8 record with a 7.18 ERA […]

New York Yankees: Believe You Me…. Hughes Is Moving To The Bullpen

Honestly, what New York Yankee fan is not debating who will be demoted when skipper Joe Girardi dismantles the six-man pitching rotation? From my dad, to my doorman, to even my Phillies fan friend (yes, I have one) everyone has an opinion about who has earned their pinstripes to stay. One collective belief, myself included […]

New York Yankees: Injury Update On Mariano Rivera

Following the game, I was driving back to the city from the long July 4th weekend listening to 1010 News for traffic updates. As the news anchor was going over the sports scores, he was summing up the New York Yankees 6-3 loss to the Cleveland Indians. He said AJ Burnett was perfect through six […]

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Burnett To Square Off Against Wakefield

It was a blisteringly hot day in New York on Tuesday, and by game time, the evening provided no relief. It did not stop Yankee fans from packing into the Stadium. A well-deserved welcome home for their first-place team from a successful road trip, and hoping to cheer the Yankee players to victory as they […]