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Why New York Yankees fans are learning about karma

Whoever said that AJ Burnett couldn’t pitch should be putting their foot back in their mouth, as he could very well win the NL CY Young this season. I have always been a Burnett fan since his days with the Florida Marlins; so I was thrilled when the Yankees signed him in 2009 and went […]

You Got To Feel Blue For AJ Burnett

You have to feel bad for New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett, as the New York and sports media has him already packing for Pittsburgh to join the Pirates. I get that “baseball is a business,” as players have uttered this sentiment like a broken record forever to a point where it feels like they […]

New York Yankees hot stove: Rosenthal please stop stirring the Burnett pot

I am kicking myself for presuming that the media would go dormant on trade rumors surrounding New York Yankees pitcher AJ Burnett. As usual the spark came via FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal who reported that the Pittsburgh Pirates might land Burnett. He also wrote that the Yankees were willing to eat most of the $33 […]

New York Yankees: Baseball Blogs Hottest Topic

Over the last two weeks, the hottest topic that has everyone from baseball fans, bloggers and expert analysts talking about is what the heck are the New York Yankees going to do about their now over-crowded pitching rotation, and more specifically AJ Burnett. Among the three contenders, which also include Phil Hughes and Freddy Garcia, AJ Burnett has gotten thrown […]

New York Yankees: AJ Burnett Expects To Start And I Do Too

The hottest topic in Yankee Universe at the moment is who should win the fifth spot in the starting pitching rotation between Phil Hughes, AJ Burnett and Freddy Garcia. So, over the last week I have read and heard many opinions on the topic from bloggers to analysts to the manager at my local Starbucks. […]

New York Yankees: One, Two Princes Stand Before You

Imagine this scenario…. it is mid-December 2011 and the New York Yankees just sent word to the media that they would be holding a press conference at 2pm at Yankee Stadium. The news spreads fast, and at 1:55pm both fans and haters of the Yankees were already tuned in to hear what this was all […]