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Sweep Away My Weekend Blues And Focus On The Big Picture

What to say after a weekend the Yankees just had? I decided to let my brain think for a day so I could rationalize the sweep by the Angels that left me so disappointed. It was awful to watch, actually painful at times and just had that ‘oh sh*&’ feeling in my stomach again.

The night of sleep help me to put the past behind and look at the bigger picture for my beloved Yankees. As the second half is a new half but the first one definitely left many questions to be answered.

The Yankees have ended the first half of the season not the way I had hoped. On the other side, it could and has been a lot worse then just three games behind the Red Sox.
With so much of the season left there are many possibilities. Both potential and negative aspects are at this point so it has to be viewed from both sides of the plate.

Since the all-star break is upon us I will do a few posts about aspects of my favorite Yanks that need to be tended too.

Here’s what pitching issues need to be debated before the second half of 2009 season:

  1. What to do with Wang when or if he gets off the DL? Eat the five million, put him in the bullpen or chance starting him? The third option as far as I can see has been done. Option one seems the most legitimate as Wang is not a good fit for the Yankees and he will probably pitch well again somewhere else. No crime in that; he gave us a good two and a half seasons.
  2. What to do about Joba? Now that Joba can’t rule away from Yankees stadium a change has to be made. This is not his year to be a permanent starter. Hughes is a better pitcher and as a starter was improving, unlike Chamberlin. Also Joba needs to lose the attitude with the media after a loss. “Still have a job”, “The best stuff I had all year”…. this kid has no permanent job on this team and he will learn that soon enough. What happened to the spirited kid with the 97 mph fastball? Oh wait that guy’s name is Phil Hughes.
  3. Phil Hughes is the man. Should he stay in the bullpen cause it works for sure? One problem is does Joe Girardi know this as he seems to not use or pulls him out after a nine-pitch inning for no real reason except for…Or does Hughes swap places with Joba? Hughes has the right attitude and wants to be a part of the team. Unlike Chamberlin he treats anyway he can help the team with respect and gratefulness. Sure seems like the Joba Rules were actually written to Jedi-mind trick Hughes. Regardless, it worked and Hughes will appreciate the learning to figure situations out himself as the stepping stone to a bright future. It must have been hard to watch Joba in the spotlight but Hughes is a humble kid who knows he is not bigger then baseball. Joba thinks he is CC or AJ or Andy but someone should chat with him, soon.
  4. Brian Bruney is trying to get back to where he once was. Wait that would be the DL or the pitcher that was just ok two seasons ago? Another guy, whose attitude is bigger then his playing. Bruney had flashes of pretty good but he was no Wang and I don’t know the answer here but stop putting him in games would be one. Maybe a shot of reality would help Bruney. I am sure he can get hurt again which would be convenient. Excuse the bluntness.
  5. Finally the question that is not just for the Yankees to be contemplating but also for a lot a teams as to where the best pitcher in baseball will be after July 21st? Mainly the Blue Jays are drooling to see the offers to acquire Roy Halladay. I would love to be a fly on the wall as there will be a lot and be plentiful. This is a smart move by the Blue Jays cause his value is at its peak and their team’s hopes of winning the AL East are over. And with the Yanks, Sox and Rays in their division the wild card is not happening. They have some young talent and adding to it for next year is only thing to do. Yes, the Rogers Center will never fill the same this season but Canada is hockey country and never filled even the year after the World Series win. Trade Halladay and get the fans excited for next year…..advice for Toronto
Let me say this loud and clear Roy Halladay is NOT a trade the Yankees should make. Joba I could care less about but the young guys like Austin Jackson, Mark Melancon or Jesus Montero are promising. This never did the Yankees any good in the past and the Jays might want Joba and Hughes, and Hughes is too good to go. Let the other teams fight it out and show some confidence in what we already have. Big mistake if Cashman pulls the usual stints. Look I thought after the brooms swept us back from Los Angels it might be a great option but not worth it for our Yankees. I like what we have and its time to be humble.

Pitching has been pretty good the first half of the season. Stranding runners on base, t
extbook errors and bad calls have been on the forefront of the problems. I think Halladay is awesome but the desperate grab will take away any confidences that are team is good enough already and I truly believe we are.

The biggest question is can we hang with the Big Boys? Tampa as I predicted will creep and then pounce but the focus needs to be the same.

New York Yankees Motto…. is first place and keep winning no matter what. ‘This is the AL East and it is the toughest for a reason so le’s win it cause we can!

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