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Super Bowl XLV: Why Big Ben Roethlisberger Hasn’t Learned a Thing

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If you’re a football fan, the week before the Super Bowl is almost as fun as the game itself.

So, by now you have probably heard or seen the footage of Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger and his teammates out on the town in Dallas, Texas this past Tuesday night.

Big Ben treated his O-line to dinner, but the group’s evening continued on at local karaoke bar and from the footage they seemed to be having a great time.

The group had a set curfew of 1 a.m., which wasn’t broken as far as we know. Still, it was a small group of players and they certainly are entitled to enjoy themselves.

I must admit that as a woman, seeing Roethlisberger singing Billy Joel, without a care in the world, stung.

Roethlisberger, not once, but twice has gotten in trouble for his off-field behavior and inappropriate conduct toward women.

Though no charges came about in either case, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended him at the start of the 2010 season for six games, which later dropped to four games.

Why would Goodell feel the need to go above the law and punish Big Ben?

What came to my mind was the quote, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Both instances were within six months of each other and both women accused Roethlisberger of rape. This is not something that is taken lightly, but to be connected twice in close proximity, obviously Roethlisberger’s character had to be looked at.

Goodell kept the public informed of the proceedings—not specifics, but enough to know it was a very serious matter not being taken lightly.

Roethlisberger’s reputation was not good to begin with, as not one teammate came forward in his defense.

Now, just months after this fiasco, Roethlisberger had his third chance to be in the spotlight again.

Just getting to the Super Bowl is such a challenge and with all that has gone on in Roethlisberger’s personal life a  humbled Big Ben would have been expected.

If not for himself, but out of respect for his teammates, the league and the women he hurt.

Roethlisberger didn’t seem to feel the same way, as dinner alone would have been fine, but to go get rowdy at a bar after that is a slap in the face.

Some people don’t see it that way, as Roethlisberger is doing what he has every right to do, just like his teammates.

I disagree because if Roethlisberger had any regard for his actions he would never have gone to that bar.

The plain reason being that the moment Roethlisberger acted inappropriately, his set of rules changed. Roethlisberger lost the public’s trust, not once, but twice.

In this specific situation, Roethlisberger technically followed the rules.

However, it does speak volumes about his character because he could have gone back to the hotel following dinner. Roethlisberger should know better.

For this time, the better quarterback and person won.

Congratulations to Aaron Rodgers and the Packers!


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  2. Chuck says:

    Will you people ever stop talking about this? Accusations were made by drunk women and nothing was ever proven. The guy was not even charged with a crime and you people gave convicted him several times over. Is he supposed to live indoors for the remainder of his life? Never go out to dinner with teammates and friends to satisfy people like you? NFL players have literally gotten away with murder and not scrutinized to this extent. Get over it already and move on, obviously Ben has.

    • Kate says:

      Two women in 6 months does not make him guilty, but it sure causes suspicion. Big Ben might not have been charged with the crimes, but something happened and to think the commissioner said not one teammate of his spoke up in his defense is what struck me.

      Let's see how he behaves now, but Big Ben is supposedly engaged. If he thinks that getting married will clear his reputation, he is dumber than I thought.

      My overall point is that the lack of respect is still there without question because he knows the media outcry it will cause. Just seems very selfish of the team's "leader".

      • Lori says:

        Who made you Judge and Jury??? I am a Steeler Fan, that is true. Was I happy about what transpired this past year, no I was not, and so were most Steeler Fans, we still struggle with it. We are a proud bunch. But, and let me say this loud and clear, you cannot and should not continue to comment on something that is over and done with. It is in the past. Tell you what Kate, let me look into your past, I am sure there are things you are not so proud of, things you have done that would be considered "unethical" in many eyes. So he went to a bar, who care, no one but you Kate. If you as a child ever shop lifted, does that mean you should never go to a store? Get over it. And to Fox Sports, let me say this, the little mini history lesson you felt compelled to air during the Super Bowl about Big Ben was totally unprofessional, uncalled for, and in complete bad taste. I have a petition going to stop you for ever being allowed to air the Super Bowl again. You don't deserve the money! Green Bay won, why because they played the better game, its just that simple.

        ***rolling my eyes at the righteous Kate. Don't you have something more constructive to do with your time, I know I do!

        • Kate says:

          Constructive with my time??
          That is the pot calling the kettle black… have a petition against FOX SPORTS, which is ridiculous. Big Ben doesn't care and does whatever he wants to do. If he was innocent he would care what people thought of him and his reputation since before college is not stellar.

          If Big Ben is such a great guy, why did not one of his teammates his come to his defense?? The NFL and the Commissioner gave ample opportunity for this and not a sole came forward. That is a great leader, whose teammates respect him.

  3. siss says:

    This article is so bad, and so badly written that I want the 2 minutes of my life back that I spent reading it. You really don't know what you are talking about. Like for instance the first women that accused him and is suing him in CIVIL court, also bragged about having sex with him and knew that his TV needed to be fixed before he did? Bet you didn't know that.

    He is allowed to go out and enjoy time with his friends. Sometimes a QB handing out with his friends is just a QB hanging out with his friends. You know the teammates that didn't stick up for him, yea them. So when you get off your high horse and decide to do some digging, you will find that this man isn''t as bad as you, the media, have made him out to be.

    • Kate says:

      SISS – You have the right to your opinion but actions don't happen over and over without some kind of truth behind it.
      More-so, Rothethlisberger knows what it does to his image, his team's image to go out to a bar the week of the Super Bowl.If he couldn't help going home after dinner, than he has a bigger problem, his ego.
      That ego got put in check and bruised later on in the week, so I guess things have a funny way of working out.
      I hope Big Ben has changed and if he did not do anything as you claim, than the fact that three different women felt the need to take advantage of the same athlete is something that should be looked into. It is just strange when there are 100's of pro-athletes who are richer than Big Ben and more famous who have never had such "lies" made up about them.

  4. siss says:

    3 different women? He was sued civilly in Nev. and accused in Georgia. Thats only 2.

    And I don't were it says he can't go out. He has only been accused, nothing ever proved. We are innocent until proven guilty in this country. Or is it because the crime is rape, that you assume guilt until proven innocent? The second accusation happened because of the first. The girls friend called Ben a rapist earlier in the night and was asked to leave the VIP room. She then was the one responsible for egging her friend on to report it. Ben is guilty of being a jerk only. And he has admitted to that. Would you prefer he be hung by his thumb nails?

    Let me sum up the evening for you.

    -a qb who was supposed to be hated by his teammates, hanging out with a bunch of his teammates

    -a man who was allegedly rude to fans in the past, being very kind for all fans of both teams in the place

    -a guy who is accused of being a bad tipper, leaving a nice chunk of change

    -a hardass who was apparently too good for the common folk, smiling with and buying a drink for everyone in the building

    -a bad role model who supposedly drinks too much and stays out too late, being at a venue until barely after midnight for barely two hours

    • Kate says:

      It was three women… .

      Sorry that you disagree but I never said he raped anyone, but to have three women all accuse you of the same act is very suspicious.

      I know Ben has a right to have a life, but during that week he should have gone home after the dinner. It just a sign of respect for the servility of the a shitty situation,

      The SB is the biggest sports media event of the year, Ben knows this as he has been before so why would he do something knowing the negative attention it would generate?

      Unneeded distraction from someone who missed four games at the start of the season becasue of his off-season antics.

  5. siss says:

    You really need to do some research on that third charge. Im serious. That article was wrong. You need to find another source. Im not some dumb drone and have done my research and if you are going to write stuff you need to have iron clad information.

    Look rape is a despicable crime. And if he had been charged I would say lock him up and throw away the key. But thats not the case here.

    How is it a sign of respect? He now has to hide because some drunk chick let her friends make accusations? He showed he could go out and be respectful and have fun and be friendly. He was everything people said he wasn't.

    This story was not received negatively though. Most said good for him. Most said he has every right to be out enjoying time with his teammates.

    He was falsely accused once and sued once. It makes him only guilty of bad judgement. You really need to do your research. Let me leave you with something you have probably never seen.

    This is from the D.A. that did the investigation:

    After five weeks of investigation, the DA said this, "If you want my candid feeling, looking at all the evidence here, we don’t even have probable cause. Probable cause is the standard to make an arrest, and we did not have probable cause. No arrest was made in this case, so there’s no warrant to dismiss. We didn’t even have probable cause in this case. "There’s nothing going to be enlightening there. I’ve got enough information. This decision was not difficult to reach. I knew pretty early on that this was the way this case was going, but I pride myself on keeping an open mind. I wanted to make sure that we made the right decision. That’s critical. But to answer your question, it’s closed. We’re still waiting on a few bits and pieces but it won’t change anything. It’s closed."

    The part that stands out the most: "We didn’t even have probable cause in this case" AND "The decision was not difficult to reach."

  6. bob says:

    this artical is bull

    • LLP says:

      Well Bob, while I respect all readers disagreeing with me, actually I encourage it, but you need to back up your statement with a reason, opinion etc to get your point across or else you sound like a baby.