Subway Series: Yankees vs. Mets Back In The New York Groove Subway Series: Yankees vs. Mets Back In The New York Groove Subway Series: Yankees vs. Mets Back In The New York Groove

Subway Series: Yankees vs. Mets Back In The New York Groove

Branded as the Big Apple and the Capital of the World, New York City is undeniably a very extraordinary place.

As a real New Yorker (born in Manhattan), I can say that when it comes to our city’s pro-sports teams it would be a challenge to find a more prideful and demanding bunch of fans.

New York fans have earned a reputation for a win or get-off the pot attitude, which has made our sports teams less popular everywhere else.

So, when two New York teams face-off, like the Mets and Yankees will in the Subway Series this weekend, it is a fight for the city’s pride.

Here is a little “New York Groove” slideshow of random Yankee pictures, by ladylove….enjoy!

The victor of this three game set get to gloat because the Empire State Building will adorn the colors of that team for all to see.

For a Mets fan, winning the Subway Series provides the last shred of superiority over the big, bad and successful Yankees.

The Yankees have owned the NYC for over a decade, but that comes with as many haters as it does fans. That doesn’t mean that winning the Subway Series is not a meaningful because it is not just another series.

Someone just said to me that it is another b-l-e-e-p for the Yankees to add to their ever-growing list of successes, but as a New Yorker when your team wins you get to walk with your head a little higher come Monday morning.

As the Yankees return to the Bronx after winning three of four games on the road, they are feeling pretty confident as they prepare to host their cross-town rivals from Queens.

With bragging rights up for grabs, everyone in New York will be busting out their caps, t-shirts and jerseys with their loyalty proudly on full-display.

Even though the Yankees have a much better team on paper, the 2011 Mets are finally heading in the right direction after years of going backwards.

Mets fans know they have a good team; with an inspiriting new skipper and a GM who is determined to get the franchise back to the top.

The Subway Series’ are never short on drama, and if you want to see New York’s spirit at its peak going to the Subway Series is a darn good example of it.

There is a reason the New York Times referred to the Subway Series as “George Steinbrenner’s personal World Series.”

Pitching previews to follow…..

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  1. Uncle Mike says:

    Let's be clear about something: This is NOT a Subway Series. A Subway Series can only happen in the World Series. So it will never, ever, EVER happen again. The Flushing dimwits had their chance in 2000, and they lost.

    • Kate Conroy says:

      I know you have said this before…..but it called the SUBWAY SERIES and everyone knows it as such.

      The reference to it as such is familiar to fans…..that is a fact.

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