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Subway Series: Who’s Gonna Run This Town Tonight

The Yankees host the Mets this weekend, for part two of the Subway Series.

With both New York teams are flirting with first place in their respected division, in addition to the usual fan pride, winning this series is essential.

The pitching match-ups are about the only thing that looks the same. The two teams are more evenly matched because the Mets have been playing better as of late.

Coming off a seven game win streak for the Mets is close to a miracle, for a team who has shown little character. Winning against two of the bottom-feeders of the AL, the Orioles and Indians, makes it less threatening.

As for the Yankees, just when you think their getting hot again they lose. It is hard to make sense of what is going on right now in the Bronx.

Not many teams beat-up on Roy Halladay like the Yankees did on Tuesday night. It seemed surreal for about a 47 seconds, until Jamie Moyer brought the Yankees back down to earth. Scorching hot to freaking freezing is not typical for the Yankees.

All in all, getting a unbelievable performance from Andy Pettitte yesterday to go and lose the game is disgusting. Phillies Kyle Kendrick pitched very well, but this Jeter, Arod and Teixeira nonsense has to stop now.

No one knows what to make of Teixeira or AJ Burnett right now. Yankees fans appreciate their efforts, and see their frustrations. No one  is denying that the Yankees don’t still have the heart of champions, it is still obviously there and they will find it again.

This series is an open door for one team to make a big statement, that is what is up for grabs.

Here is what I predict will happen in Game One:


Since May 12th, Javier Vazquez has been holding opposing hitters to .181, with a 2.93 ERA, a 5-2 record and one of those wins was against the Mets. He will face Mets LHP Hisanori Takahashi again.

The Yankees bats against rookie Takahashi fared enough to win last time, so it should not be a problem especially at Yankees Stadium.

The recent resurgence of David Wright, who has 53 RBI’s and 12 homers must feel pretty amazin’. Let’s not forget that Wright has a .418 against left-handed pitchers and a .251 against righties.


The Yankees will not be embarrassed for a third night in their house, especially against the Mets. All Vazquez has to do is exactly what he has been doing because the Yankees bats will take care of the rest.

Winner: New Yankees Yankee

Game two and game three’s preview/prediction to follow….

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