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Subway Series: Game Two Preview

It’s a battle between both ball-clubs young, future aces, in game two of the Subway Series.

New York Mets have 26 year old Mike Pelfrey, who is 9-1, with a 2.39 ERA in just over 86 innings pitched. Pelfrey loses his command a tad too much still, but he is young with ample time to improve and make some adjustments. Pelfrey needs to keep his walks down, and throw more strikes by attacking the zone.

Pelfrey will face New York Yankees Phil Hughes, who is two years younger but overall a better pitcher. Hughes has 74 strikeouts this season in 75 innings, with a 3.01 ERA and a matches Pelfrey’s 9-1 record.

Still Hughes has the advantage because of how he has handled compromising and crucial situations. In 2009, Hughes dominated in the bullpen and turned the team’s season around, no doubt. Hughes has now been as dominate lately but the dip is slight and he needs to find his strike-zone again.

The two youngsters both seem to generate substantial run support from their teammates, which has masked their struggles a little bit.

Fact remains that a win is a win, but in this case, the hitters will dictate the outcome. It will be a race to see who will capitalize on which pitcher’s first mistake. This one has the potential of being a slug-fest all over it. 

Overall, Hughes looks stronger vs. the Mets, with 14 strikeouts, four RBIs in 32 at-bats. In Pelfrey’s 62 at-bats vs. the Yankees, he has 10 strikeouts, allowed seven RBIs and given up six doubles.

Gotta give this game to the Bombers.

Hughes has only experienced high-level drama in his short professional career. Hughes has a better grasp of possibilities.

Translation: Where Pelfrey might still be a virgin, Hughes is a freaking stud.



For the record, get familiar now with the names Mike Pelfrey and Phil Hughes. These two have bright futures and already are becoming household names.


  1. MiserableMetsFan says:

    Wow biased are we a little? Do you know anything about baseball besides the ballwashing of the Yankees that you do?

  2. amazin-d-mets says:

    Look, I am a Mets fans and I want to be this positive about the Mets. 'Miserable Mets Fan' your nickname is not so positive; you're declaring the Mets only bring misery and they are playing well now.

    I read Lady Loves Pinstripes because all the timeand if you look at archieves, the Yankees get criticized all the time, I like the writer's perspective about the 'other' new york team.

    And it is not like she predicted the game wrong, the Yankees won so she was right???

    Let's see what Sunday's game prediction declares….

  3. Kate says:

    Miserable Mets fan….you can call me bias but I did give the win the the Mets on Sunday. Happy I was wrong, but how can you say I am a Yankees ball-washer when I was right the Yankees won game 2??

    It is one thing if I projected the Yankees to sweep every series, but the Yankees are still very good team and the Mets finally saw the reigning champs as a whole. Sabathia and Teixeira kicked ass.

    Watch how the Mets will play against the Twins and Tigers, because both AL teams are tough to beat. See how the Mets handle themselves after the much needed win.